Showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo earlier this year, the Tata car gets a massive 420-litre boot, which blends neatly with the overall styling of the vehicle. It will be sharing the eight-speaker Harman audio system and the multi-drive modes of the hatch.2-litre petrol and 1. Interestingly, the window line gets a garnish of chrome as well.2-litre petrol and 1. The car appears to be a production-ready model that looks nice and in-line with Tata's new design philosophy. Although the Kite 5 is a sub 4-metre sedan, it won't compete against the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, Honda Amaze and the Hyundai Xcent. Furthermore, the broad, high-mounted stop lamp looks cool. Source: CarDekho.The Tata Kite 5 sedan will be powered by the same 1. Since it is based on a smaller hatch, the sedan will slot in one segment lower.05-litre diesel engines as the Tiago.05-litre diesel engines as the Tiago.com.10 lakh.

The car in the images looks like the top-spec variant, revealing that the feature list will include automatic climate control, infotainment system, rear centre armrest with cup holders, and a reverse camera. The infotainment system has a slightly bigger screen compared to the Tiago, and appears to be the touchscreen unit from Wholesale Concrete screw Suppliers the Tata Bolt.

The compact sedan is expected to borrow most of its features from the Tiago. Pictures of the front haven't been disclosed yet, but it is likely to remain identical to the Tiago. The neatly designed rear bumper, thick chrome strip above the number plate and split tail lamps, all beef up the rear profile of the Kite 5. The Tata Kite 5 sedan will be powered by the same 1. The vehicle is expected to be priced somewhere around Rs 4.The sedan version of Tata's popular Tiago hatchback (codename Kite 5) has been spotted once again. There's no direct competitor to the Kite 5 for now; the only foreseeable rival is the upcoming Chevrolet Beat Essentia.

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The company already tests 40 vehicles in San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona.Chicago: General Motors on Thursday announced that it is expanding testing and manufacturing of autonomous vehicle technology tied to its Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle, in a move challenging younger upstart Tesla.". Tesla is planning to produce a mid-priced vehicle in 2017. The Detroit expansion will allow testing of autonomous technology in winter conditions, Barra said.The test vehicles will be Chevy Bolts outfitted with a suite of autonomous technology such as LIDAR — a radar system using lasers — cameras, sensors and other hardware.The Chevy Bolt base price, at just under $30,000 with tax credits, will directly compete with Teslas planned Model 3, with a starting price of $35,000 before incentives.

Tesla also plans to include its "autopilot" hardware, which allows for autonomous driving in certain conditions, in its Model 3s.GM now will begin manufacturing a fleet of autonomous test vehicles at a Detroit-area plant, CEO Mary Barra announced at a news conference.The announcement -- and the first deliveries of mid-priced, all-electric Chevy Bolts earlier this week -- maneuvers GM into competition with the electric car maker that has made waves with its high-priced luxury models. "What we announced today is the next step forward."We want to make sure we have safe and reliable autonomous vehicles on the road," Ms Barra told CNBC. GMs testing of similar technology could potentially put it on par on that front, as well. Tesla plans to start production in mid-2017.The company began its first deliveries of Chevy Bolt electric vehicles, without autonomous technology, on Tuesday beating Tesla to market in the moderate price range.

GM will also expand testing of autonomous vehicles, or AVs, on the streets of Detroit."By adding Michigan to our public testing program, were ensuring that our AVs can operate safely across a full range of road, weather and climate conditions," she said."We expect GM will become the first high-volume auto manufacturer to build fully autonomous vehicles at a mass production assembly plant," Barra said, stopping short Wholesale Concrete bolt of setting a specific date.Chevrolet promises the Bolt can travel more than 200 miles on a single charge, also comparable to the Tesla Model 3s 215-mile expected range.

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"Training is going well you know, I’ve really stepped up the tempo," he said..Meanwhile, Bolt is again setting his sights on dominating a third successive Olympics.Mills said he hoped the event would grow into a circuit of eight or 10 meets in the North American Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association (NACAC) and had the support of NACAC president Victor Lopez.Bolt, the Jamaican world record holder in the 100 and 200 metres, will headline a strong field in the Rio Olympics run-up event that includes world 400m champion Wayde van Niekirk of South Africa and American 100m bronze medallist Tori Bowie. "I was out for a bit because of an ankle problem, but everything is going smoothly now."

The preparation is going to be going right down to the Olympics because he lost valuable time, but he’s back in training and we are pushing the envelope.Glen Mills, chairman of the organizing committee of the meet and the coach of Bolt and others at the Racers Track Club, said former world record holder Asafa Powell and 2012 Olympic sprint medallists Yohan Blake and Warren Weir were among other athletes expected to compete.Six-times Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt on Wednesday helped announce the inaugural Racers Grand Prix in Kingston set for June 11 and hinted he might produce a special performance on Jamaica soil.

Mills again expects Bolt to dominate at the Games. I’m really focused and I really want it, so I’m just pushing myself, working hard and hopefully my coach will give me the go ahead to compete very soon," Bolt said."The fact that I’ll be competing this year it’s a motivation to work even harder to make sure when compete here, I will be in top form to run fast times to show the country that I’m ready to go to Rio (Olympics) and do great things," Wholesale Hex flange wood screw Bolt said. Usain is highly motivated and he’s a special athlete," Mills said.Bolt said it was a well-positioned meet for most athletes because it is just before Olympic trials so they can go out and compete and know what they need to work on.

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If the part fails, turning off non-essential components (for example, the A/C, stereo, etc. They work just as effectively as new units, will last as long, and cost at least 40% less. Most drivers think that their car battery is what delivers power to all of these components. But, there's actually a lot more going on than most people realize.What It DoesThink of all the parts in your vehicle that need power: the ignition coils, car stereo, A/C system, headlights, and more. In this article, I'll describe what this component does, the things that can go wrong with it, and the steps you should take when it malfunctions. Eventually, the battery will go dry and your engine will stop turning because there's no energy left to power it.

That's because your battery can actually maintain a small reserve of juice to keep everything running, including the engine. The crankshaft produces power which turns the serpentine belt.What To Do When It FailsAssuming that it's the alternator that is actually failing (as opposed to a broken or loose serpentine belt), it will need to be replaced. When it's time to find a replacement, use one that is rebuilt. Automakers seem fond of saying it will last for the life of your vehicle, but plan on replacing it after approximately 70,000 miles. For example, if the serpentine belt becomes broken or loose, it can reduce the part's electrical output to the battery or cut it off entirely. Also, keep in mind that this part of your car's charging system does have a limited lifespan. Here's how it works: your engine requires gas to operate.

That energy comes from the gas tank.Decades ago, alternators were known as generators, but both do the same basic job: they power other components. The belt turns the alternator which converts power from the engine into an electrical current that keeps the battery powered. In truth, it does. See how it all begins in your gas tank?How It FailsWhat happens when this component malfunctions? Well, nothing immediately.. Enter, your alternator.A number of factors can contribute to an alternator not working properly.) will help the battery conserve energy, allowing your vehicle to run longer.When you start your car, the battery generates an electrical current that ultimately cranks the engine. And thankfully, once it's replaced, China Special fastener Manufacturers it'll last for years. Few, if any, mechanics will try to repair one. But, while driving, the battery needs a continuous source of energy. If it goes bad, your car will continue to work, for awhile (I'll explain how below). But, it plays an important role in the operation of your vehicle and if it fails, you should still have a mechanic replace it. So far, so good.

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